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val nanovsky - wedding photographer in connecticut

Best wedding photographer in ct How are you different from the vast ocean of other photographers?
  • I create experiences for people – from the moment we first meet to the moment they get their album – and way beyond.

  • I blend bridal glamour and fashion with modern portraiture, photojournalism, landscape and architecture, in a single timeless photo.

  • I strive to match my work with the best of the best out there, internationally. I try to get better and come up with something new and original with each shoot. I don’t cut corners. The photos you get from me will most probably be the best ones you will have gotten in your life - and I firmly stand behind this claim.

  • I come to your wedding as a close friend, not as another vendor. You'll be amazed how fast I'll befriend everybody.

  • I am all about transparency and honesty. My clients love me for that.

  • I don’t formally pose my clients. Instead, I arrange everything so that you'll enjoy yourselves, have fun and give me your absolute best - naturally. Eventually it all goes back to you.

  • I do not use Photoshop trickery in my photography. It’s all real, just the way it came from the camera.

  • I do not shoot 50+ weddings a year, and I do not outsource my editing to other companies or India. Everything is done manually by me, in the studio. Picture by picture. It's all boutique - in the most direct sense of the word.

  • My wedding albums are painstakingly designed and produced by me - from the heart. Everything is then handmade and perfected in Italy.

  • Web sites are impersonal. Come meet me. You’ll see everything for yourself.

Best wedding photographer in ct How long have you been in business?
I started Valdorama in 2008.

Best wedding photographer in ct Have you won any awards?
Yes. For more details, please click HERE.


award winning ct wedding photographers How much coverage do we need?
As a rule of thumb, the more time we have together, the better. We normally start with the Getting Ready sessions and photograph till a little after the cake has been cut. Every wedding is unique though. We’ll adjust your coverage to your heart’s desire. Just as you like it.

award winning ct wedding photographers How long do Engagement and Afterglow Sessions last?
Each session lasts typically a couple of hours, but I shoot till everybody is happy and I am confident we got plenty of great images. What really counts is the end result and how much fun we have. While important, time is less of a factor.

award winning ct wedding photographers If we run overtime at the wedding, can you stay?
Absolutely. There might be a fee added to your bill, but I’ll make sure we don’t miss any important moment. It is your wedding after all, and you want to remember it from A to Z, right?

award winning ct wedding photographers What is the booking process? If we decide to hire you, what do we do?
We’ll make sure everything is exactly the way you want it – budget, coverage, album, additional sessions, etc. Once that is done, you’ll fill out the paperwork and pay a 35% deposit.

That’s pretty much it. As bookings are on a first come / first serve basis, the earlier we do it, the better. That guarantees you the date is reserved just for you.

award winning ct wedding photographers Do you double-book weddings on the same date?

award winning ct wedding photographers Can you hold the date for us?
Once the paperwork has been signed and the initial retainer deposit paid, the date will be all yours – right away.


best engagement sessions Can we just get an Engagement Session?
Yup, it is possible.

best engagement sessions Can we just get an Afterglow Session… no wedding?
Yup, that is possible too.

best engagement sessions Can we book you for the wedding without doing an e-shoot?
Working with me is all about creating a personal relationship. A big part of that relationship is established during the E-Session.

Also, think of the Engagement Session as of a general rehearsal - so that at the wedding everything goes nice and smooth and you only get pictures you will fall in love with.

All my collections include E-Sessions, without the need for any additional investment. Eventually it’s all about you looking beautiful and being absolutely happy.

best engagement sessions Can we get unedited images and cut the costs?
Everything you see on this web site is part of my vision. This vision what people hire me for. The artistic editing I do is a big part of that. It’s what brings so much more value to your images. Investing in unedited images is pretty much like buying a car without seats.

...Would you do that?

best engagement trash the dress sessions Do you do trash the dress sessions?
I do artistic post-wedding shoots, which I call Afterglow Sessions. You get to wear your dress again, have tons of fun and look absolutely gorgeous. My brides absolutely love them. None of these sessions involve physically trashing any dresses though - unless someone specifically asks me for that. Everything stays intact - even if we get wet.

best engagement sessions Can we give you a shot list of pictures we want you to take?
That would be awesome! I actually encourage that, especially when it comes to formals. This way everybody will be on the same page during the wedding – and you’ll be very happy with the end results.


best wedding photography packages Do you take formal family images?
Yes, I do. More or less, formals are part of every wedding. It’s completely up to you how many of them you’d like me to take. If you can make a rough list with the people you’d like me to photograph, that would be great. See above.

best wedding photography packages How much posing do you do?
If you work with me, “posing” is a dirty word. What I do create is the mood. Once you are relaxed and having fun, you’ll do the magic yourself. I might adjust a few small things along the way, but I never ever formally “pose” anybody.

best wedding photography packages Wait, but what if my husband is really uncomfortable in front of the camera?
I have my ways of solving that. It happens all the time and is pretty common. Trust me, we’ll get him there – and I have some pretty impressive stories from the past to tell you along the way.


best wedding albums Do you work with a second shooter/assistant?
Normally I work alone, but sometimes I have people with me to give me a hand. If you are interested in a dedicated second shooter and/or other helpers, just let me know. We can easily arrange it.

best wedding albums Where are you based? Do you travel?
My office/studio is located in Vernon, CT. I am available and travel all over the world.

best wedding albums What do we pay you for our destination wedding?
That would normally include the investment for your collection, along with any travel/travel insurance/hotel/food/car rental, etc. costs that might incur.

best wedding albums Do you have insurance? Can you provide your insurance details?
Yes. Yes.

best wedding albums What kind of equipment do you use? What do you bring to the wedding?
I own a ton of photographic equipment, as you can probably imagine. At your wedding I will have at least two cameras (just in case), several lights, a bunch of lenses, and a big bag full of photographic trickery. I also might be bringing stands, tripods, umbrellas and other lighting equipment. If we need something specific for a cool photo I have on my mind – an underwater shot for instance – I’ll bring it.

best wedding albums Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-weekend weddings?
Yup, those are available. Just ask me when we meet.

best wedding albums Do we need to feed you at the reception?
I will give you my heart at your wedding. I’ll be working hard, and at some point, just as any other person at your wedding I will need to refresh myself. I would be truly happy if you take that into consideration.


best wedding albums What is your payment schedule like?
Very simple. 35 % of your investment is due at booking as a retainer to hold your date. The rest is due two weeks prior to the wedding.

best wedding albums CT Do you offer any payment plans?
Yes, I offer that too. Don't hesitate to ask me for the details when we meet.

best wedding albums CT Do you accept credit cards?
I accept all major credit cards. A small fee might be added to your total if you pay with a credit card.

best wedding albums CT Can we pay you after the wedding?
At this point you can finalize your investment two weeks prior to the wedding at the latest.

best wedding albums CT What happens if we have to change the date?
I will do everything I possibly can to reschedule your date. If I am booked or otherwise unable to come to your wedding on your new date, I will do my best to arrange for another photographer to come to your wedding. In any case you are covered.

best wedding albums CT What happens if we have to cancel my wedding?
That would be very unfortunate. Generally, your retainer fee might have to stay with me as the date has been kept exclusively just for you.


CT Wedding Photographers Valdorama wedding packages Tell us a bit about the way you edit your photos.
My philosophy is that editing is at its best when you can’t tell what was done to the image, and yet it looks absolutely stunning. I never use Photoshop or any creative filters. It is very important to me that everything feels real.

I clean up your skin and make it soft and smooth, while retaining its natural texture (NO plastic look!!!). It’s a lot of painstaking work - all manual and never automatic. The results are comparable in quality to those you see on glamour magazine covers.

After I am done fine-tuning exposure, brightness, contrast and retouching your skin, I use a variety of artistic techniques to spice up your photo. The goal is to produce strong and unique images full of colors and emotion. I edit every single photo this way.

best destination wedding photographer What albums do you offer?
My main albums are custom hand-made books printed and bound by Graphi Studio in the foothills of the Alps in Arba, Italy. There is a multitude of options for your cover, paper, size, shape, style. Whatever option you choose, the end result will be one of a kind piece of art.

I design every book myself. Every design is unique and matches the style of your wedding.

After we are done with the Engagement Session, every couple also gets a Wedding Guest Book. Guest Books are my personal gift to you for your wedding. Thet are custom all American made high-end books with padded hard matte metallic paper covers, and art watercolor paper on the inside – so that your guests can comfortably write all their wishes to you. This book, along with your main wedding album, will become the most cherished keepsake from your wedding.

best destination wedding photographer Do you offer parent/pocket books?
I do. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have the same design and number of pages as your main book.

best destination wedding photographer How does the album design process work?
As a rule of thumb, the more pages you order when you initially book me, the better. That will give us more space to maneuver when designing the final product - and make it even more breathtaking. After I am done with the rough album design we’ll quickly meet so that you can take a look at what we have. If necessary, we’ll make some corrections until we perfect everything. I’ll push an album to print only if I have your blessing and you are 100% happy with everything I’ve done.

best destination wedding photographer How can we proof our images after the wedding?
When your photos are ready I will upload them to a secure online gallery where you’ll be able to see all of them, and order prints, enlargements, canvases and many other cool goodies.

best destination wedding photographer What kind of custom enlargements do you offer?
Metal prints, stretched canvases, standouts - you name it, I have it for you. You’ll be able to order many of these directly from your personalized online gallery. It is a very quick and easy process. If what's on your heart is unavailable in your gallery, do not hesitate to give me a shout. Chances are, all you needed to do is ask. I'll go above and beyond to find what you are looking for.

best destination wedding photographer How many black and white images can we expect from our wedding?
Roughly they can be up to 20-30% of all photos, but that varies quite a bit. If you desire more, less, or no black and whites, we can certainly do that. Just let me know.

best destination wedding photographer Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras?
Absolutely, they can enjoy taking as many pictures as they like, as long as they don’t get in my way and take pictures of my setups and arrangements.

best destination wedding photographer Will our family and friends be able to view the images once they are ready?
Yes, they will be provided the URL and password to access your online gallery.

best destination wedding photographer How many pictures do we get?
The number your photos can vary and depends mostly on your wedding coverage.

As a rough guide, a typical 6-hour wedding normally yields anywhere between 500 and 700 final edited images. If we add to that the photos from the Engagement Session, you will end up getting up to 800-900 images total. If we have a second shooter, the number could be even higher. Again, this is just a general estimate. Every wedding is different.

best destination wedding photographer Can we get a CD with printing rights?
Everybody who orders a book has a choice of either a customized CD or a high-end boutique USB thumb drive with hi-res unsigned printable versions of all your edted photos.

best destination wedding photographer When do we get to see our images?
I will be uploading all images online up to 2-3 weeks after the wedding. You will have your special pass-protected gallery and will be able to view them as soon as they get posted to the server.

best destination wedding photographer When do we get the album?
The rough design will be ready within 4-5 weeks after the wedding. After your approval it takes about 7-8 weeks for the album to arrive from Italy.

Your Guest Book from the Engagement Session is normally designed and produced within 2 weeks after the session.

best destination wedding photographer When do we get the USB Drive?
Once your album arrives from Italy, I’ll have your USB Drive with all your images ready for you.

CT Wedding & Portrait Photography and Video by Val Nanovsky CT Wedding & Portrait Photography and Video by Val Nanovsky
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